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The Online Critical Compendium of Lyric Poetry

We are creating the first open access digital platform for the theory of lyric poetry.


The Online Critical Compendium of  Lyric Poetry

The theory of lyric poetry raises many questions, especially in a multilingual context. For instance: What does "lyric" mean to English-speaking scholars and readers? Is it the same as the French "lyrique", the German "lyrisch" or the Spanish "poesía lírica"? How do these notions vary across languages and literatures?

This project will offer an open access theory of lyric poetry written by selected experts in their respective fields. Our focus is to provide a cross-reference platform for notions of lyric poetry in different languages. We are building the compendium around twenty-four major concepts pertaining to lyric poetry, rather than technical terms specific to different linguistic and critical traditions.

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Poetry in Notions.
The Online Critical Compendium of Lyric Poetry

We are creating a digital, intermedial, and living central reference hub for the theory of lyric poetry: notions, their history in culture and scholarly theory, across multiple languages, literatures and theoretical traditions.


On this site, we introduce the aims of our project, our team, and our on-going work. In the future, we will update you here with new information in the form of blog entries, progress on articles, collect your feedback on possible further topics to be presented at some point in the Compendium.


For an introduction of what's to come, click below.

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Online Critical Compendium of Lyric Poetry

Précis de poésie lyrique en ligne

Online-Glossar der Lyriktheorie

This is a multilingual project. Articles will be available in English, French, German, Spanish – and maybe more languages.


The board, the editorial team, their academic assistants and more.

We are a team of literary scholars with backgrounds in different languages, literatures and disciplines. Visit our team page to learn more. Feel free to contact any of us at[at]

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To build this platform and to ensure the highest standards of scholarship, we have selected experts from all over the world, across a variety of disciplines and specialisations.

Since we are going to treat topics and offer articles in several different languages and a multitude of literatures, the Editorial Board also works with a number of associate partners who function as consultants, experts and peer-reviewers.

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Contact the Editorial Team under[at]

Ralph Müller
Avenue de l'Europe 20
1700 Fribourg

+41 26 300 78 88

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